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Resume Services Calgary
by Ken Docherty, Certified Master Resume Writer 
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Resume Writing & Interview Coaching
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Whether you are looking for a professional resume to give you a competitive edge over your peers, facilitate a career transition, or simply get your documents in order, you should be working with a professional resume writer and career services expert with proven expertise in identifying the key skills and abilities employers crave.

My resume writing services have been sought out by some of the most talented and influential people in Calgary, and throughout Canada, to include a former member of Prime Minister Harper's innermost circle, CEOs of publicly traded companies, trailblazing entrepreneurs, high-ranking military figures, and award-winning professionals at every level.  The best and the brightest seek me out as they can appreciate the unique blend of skills I bring to their project that expands beyond merely writing resume documents, and into my background as a former executive recruiter capable of understanding the recruitment requirements and desires of senior hiring managers across many industries.  

Unlike a typical career advisor dealing with low level/unskilled people and the habitually unemployed, as an executive recruiter to some of the top employers in Calgary, Alberta, and across Canada, I understand the range of skills required to get your resume in front of the right people, and have it selected for further review and interview.  

I have written resumes and provided executive recruiting services to corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, tradespeople, and new graduates throughout Calgary.  My clients are drawn from industries throughout Alberta including oil & gas, pharmaceutical, finance, real estate, logistics, and mining.

Why Choose Me?

When you partner with me, you benefit from front-end expertise and never have to worry about your resume project being outsourced to anonymous ghost writers with unknown credentials or expertise.  Remember, if the owner of the company isn't actually writing your resume, then who is?

Unlike many of my competitors, I do not farm out resume writing projects to anonymous ghost writers or inexperienced staff writers.  With me, you know exactly who will write your document, and the skills and experience that will be at your disposal during your resume writing project, or interview coaching session.

I will engage you in an hour-long telephone consultation, utilizing the same information collection and behavioural interviewing skills that were developed over 15 years in the recruiting, executive recruiting and resume writing industries.  As such I have no need to rely upon two-dimensional worksheets and questionnaire templates that are designed to have you do all the work!

I Work Smart To Save You Money!

My prices are highly competitive and offer outstanding value for money when compared with less experienced writers who actually charge more in some cases!  My fees are competitive due to the fact that I operate a lean and highly efficient operation. 

I conduct all consultations via telephone or skype.  I won't ask you to pay for swanky downtown offices in Calgary or the receptionists and administrators needed to staff them.  I won't ask you to pay for middlemen, "free" e-books and thank-you letter templates, external ghost writers, or the time taken by an inexperienced writer to produce a document.  I won't ask you to pay for the "free resume review" of all the candidates who didn't follow through with a purchase.  My prices are set, my process is straightforward, and the results speak for themselves.

Why Recruitment Industry Expertise Is Key!

If a resume writer has never worked in a consulting recruitment environment, then how can they truly know what hiring managers in many different industries and professional specialties look for in a job seeker, resume, or interview?

To do your resume or interview project justice, you should be looking to partner with a resume consultant who has extensive experience in the executive recruiting and staffing consultancy industry, in addition to being a proven expert resume writer.  My recruiting experience is drawn from several years owning a successful Canadian search firm in addition to consulting for Robert Half International, the world's largest finance recruiting firm, and the Edmonton headquartered David Aplin Recruiting.

When you engage me, you will have a unique opportunity during your resume writing or interview coaching project to ask for expert advice about the best way to market yourself to a Calgary employer, what they really look for, how they score your interview, or perhaps why you've not been successful in your job search thus far.

Partnering with an award-winning recruiter and well known resume writer, with diverse cross-functional knowledge in the various ways Fortune 500 companies and small owner managed businesses conduct their hiring process, could make all the difference for your resume writing project, your interview coaching workshop and ultimately your career!

Visit my pricing page to order your services and book a consultation with me!
Ken Docherty - You deal directly with the owner, a former employment agency owner, experienced executive recruiter, media contributor, and resume writing specialist.  Recognized as an industry expert by News 1130, CKNWCGA Association, BIV, and many more.  See my Resume Samples here.

I am the most experienced resume writer and strategist in Western Canada with over 15 years of experience in crafting resumes that impress even the most intransigent of hiring managers as an employment agency owner, executive recruiter, and professional resume writer.  I know of no other resume writer in Western Canada who can offer the depth of expertise and blended skillset I bring to your project.

CMRW - I am the only Certified Master Resume Writer in Canada and 1 of only 32 worldwide.  The CMRW credential is issued by Career Directors International and is the industry's oldest and most prestigious master-level resume credential, and the only one endorsed by the CDI.  I was unanimously accepted as an elite master resume writer by the certification committee on the submission of my first portfolio.  

By being awarded this credential, I demonstrated myself as being the only writer in Canada capable of meeting & maintaining the professional standards of excellence, innovation, and versatility required to receive acceptance into an elite group of writers based in markets including New York, Chicago, Sydney, and Melbourne. 

I am also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and a member in good standing of the most recognized and respected associations in the industry, Career Directors International and the PARW/CC.  I am sought out by some of the very brightest and best in the country, to include Fortune 500 executives, trailblazing entrepreneurs, high-ranking public officials, and a former member of the prime minister's innermost circle.

Former Executive Recruiter - I use my consulting expertise to uncover your unique qualities.  Having worked as an executive recruiter, I am uniquely placed to understand the hiring practices of many leading employers.  Furthermore, I use my consulting background to extract all of the information I need to write your documents.  As such I will never ask you to waste your time filling out a questionnaire template or worksheet designed to have you do all the work!

Some of the companies who have benefited from my expertise include: Alberta Health Services, Shell, Chevron, Encana Corporation, Fluor, IBM, Finning International, Motorola, and more.

Look Beyond the Certification - When seeking to partner with a resume writer, assess their employment background.  Are they speaking from experience?  Do they have hands-on experience of actually crafting resumes to impress hiring managers, or are they merely regurgitating and repeating information they have found in books, newsletters, or online courses?  

What insights can they bring?  Have they managed search assignments for Fortune 500 companies?  Did they deal with hiring executives on a daily basis?  Are they experienced in dealing with corporations and knowing what recruiters look for? Or is the extent of their real world employment experience limited to low level administrative roles?

My experience as an executive recruiter gives me an unrivalled insight into the hiring practices and search strategies employed by leading corporations.

Up-front pricing - With my resume service there is no secrecy, pricing gimmicks, hidden fees or 'hard-sell'.  I work smart to save you money and as such can offer outstanding value when compared to less efficient and inexperienced resume writers.

Customized documents - I will personally write your resume documents.  No faceless 'ghost writers' hired to do the actual writing.  

Full-Time Focus - This is my full-time job, as such I take it very seriously.  Unlike part-time resume writers looking to earn supplemental income that are only available on evenings or weekends, I offer you a full-time service, 14-hours a day, 6 days per week.

100% client satisfaction rate. 

Ken Docherty, CPRW, CMRW - Owner
Industry-Leading Referral Program

Earn 100% of your resume fee back!  As a former client, you may be eligible to participate in my industry-leading referral program!  

Refer a friend or work colleague to me and receive 10% of your original resume fee (excluding taxes and add-ons) for each client referral who purchases a resume and cover letter package at the same pricing tier as yourself or higher.  If you refer a client who purchases a lower level tier or individual services, you will receive 10% of their fee as your referral bonus.  All referral bonuses will be paid upon successful completion of the referred assignment.  Ask for details.


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